Whatever's Got You Down
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Samiam doesn't deviate much from their well-patented indie punk on 2006's WHATEVER'S GOT YOU DOWN, but the band's seventh studio album is as strong as anything in their discography. Samiam set themselves apart from California's punk-pop rabble with their slight emo edge and intensity of purpose, and WHATEVER'S GOT YOU DOWN rages and roars with a fine set of songs and a thunderous, in-your-face delivery. The band's ferocious approach harks back to the glory days of Cali punk, while tunes like "When We're Together" and "Storm Clouds" display a keen sense of ragged, irresistible melody.

1. When We're Together
2. Take Care
3. Get It Right
4. Do You Want To Be Loved
5. Storm Clouds
6. Anything
7. Come Home
8. Are You Alright
9. Lullaby
10. Believer
11. Holiday Parade
12. Bide My Time

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