Self-titled cd
K-Double Recording Co.

Release Date:

The Coco B's debut cd. Self-recorded and mixed by El Taco himself, Alex Newport.

10 CATCHYASALLGETOUT ditties about what we all care about: love, life and hot pantz.

One of the best albums you've heard in along time. I promise.

Don't let 'em fool you tho, despite track #7's song title, the B's live in Long Beach (or La Hobo, whatever it's called)... but i guess it sounds cooler to be from L.A.

1. Modern Lover
2. Daytrader
3. Access to No.'s
4. Hot Pantz
5. Souvenir Boy
6. Don't Stop
7. I Live In L.A.
8. Give Up the Money
9. Culture Contact
10. Sunset City of Dub

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